Not an Object, Nor a Being,
but a Mechanism of the Mind

Immersive/Interactive Installation
Hologram Display
Placemaking and Space Activation
Brand Storytelling and Digital Transformation
AR/VR/XR Experiences

New York | San Francisco | Boston


Mix: hybrid
Anthrop(y): humanoid

Mixanthropy is a multidisciplinary art-tech studio foundedby multimedia artist and interdisciplinary designer Yiou Wang and Meichun Cai who met at Harvard, aiming to create ancient future myths in artistic expressions using emergent technologies.

Mixanthropy aims to explore surreal visions of metamorphosis, identity, and techno-shamanism  using CGI, interspecies choreography, and motion capture.

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Press and Interviews
BMW Magazine Freude.Forever, Issue 2
Austin Chronicle, “Myth and Tech Merge for SXSW Art Program”
Young Visions, “Crossing Borders”

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